Business Checks

Checks are printed on-site in our check printing facility. Choose from an array of different check options, including laser voucher business checks. They arrive when you want them, in 72 hours or less. Compatible with over 200 different software titles, including Quickbooks®, Quicken®, Peachtree®, Microsoft Money®, McBee®, and Safeguard®.

Examples: Laser Voucher Checks, One Write Checks, Continuous Checks, Customized Checks, Deposit Slips, Three To A Page Manual Checks, Three To A Sheet Laser Checks, etc.

Our ecommerce site Thompson Check Solutions offers you a simple way to order your laser, inkjet, or manual business checks. No major decisions to make. Simply choose a background design and color. Our standard check-writing program uses only the highest quality materials and we adhere to strict bank processing requirements.

NOTE: Our prices differ slightly on Thompson Check Solutions for two reasons: First all discounts are already factored into the rock bottom pricing. Second it is e-commerce so it is payment (credit card/echeck) at checkout in total. If your business would like to have a line of credit, or monthly billing etc you will need to call our office to sent up your business accounting needs and be subject to our regular business pricing that factors in more services and premium products that might not be offered on our e-commerce marketplace website.

If you are unsure what is the best fit for you contact your sales representative or

Order Custom Checks

Visit our check solutions site for more information and secure online ordering.

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    Laser Checks

    Laser Checks are available in a variety of security styles, colors and backgrounds. Full Sheets are 8.5″x11″ and Individual Checks are 3.5″x8.5″.  Laser Checks are compatible with the following computer software (as well as others not listed): Quicken® and Quickbooks®, M.Y.O.B.®, One Write Systems®, Microsoft Money™, Simple Money®, MAS 90®, Peachtree®, Great Plains®, Universal Checks®.

    • Linen: Top, Middle or Bottom checks available in Blue, Green, Yellow, Burgundy, Gray* or Tan*
    • Marble: Top or Middle checks available in Blue, Green and Burgundy.
    • 3-to-a-Page Laser Checks: Available in Scallop only. Choice of Blue, Burgundy or Green.

    * Top and Middle checks only.

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    Three-to-a-Page Manual Checks

    Three-to-a-Page Manual Checks offer an affordable, easily maintained and highly mobile system for staying on top of your financial transactions. These checks are available in a variety of styles, formats, and colors to meet your needs with our standard delivery of ONLY 3 BUSINESS DAYS! Available in Blue, Green, Red and Gray. Visit our Check Solutions site to view options and styles for Three-to-a-Page Manual Checks.

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    Deposit Slips

    Booked Deposit Slips are available in two styles and are available in one part, duplicate, or triplicate. Duplicate and triplicate slips are made with carbonless paper. Full Sheets are 8.5″x11″ and Individual Checks are 3.5″x8.5″.

    • One Part: The original slip is white with 100 slips per book.
    • Duplicate: The original slip is white and the duplicate is pink. There are 50 slips per book.
    • Triplicate: The original slip is white, the duplicate is yellow and the triplicate is pink. There are 33 slips per book.
Protect Yourself From Check Fraud

The security features we have incorporated into our laser checks include the following:

  • A “Real” watermark on the whole document that is visible from the front and back.
  • A “Real” watermark can’t be copied because it’s created during the paper making process.
  • Microprinting in the border on the face of the document and endorsement line on the back.
  • Invisible fluorescent fibers.
  • Brown stain reaction to bleach.
  • Blue stain reaction to solvent.
  • Colored security background printed on the face of the document.
  • A security screen-printed on the back of each check that reads “Original Document” and a list of the security features.
  • A warning band in the border of the check indicating the document contains security features.
  • All of our checks conform to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, effective as of January 1, 2001.
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