Live Designer

Live Designer allows for you to work remotely (at your location) with our design team. Our design professionals are warm and helpful with more then 20 years design experience they can help take your idea from a sketch or thought into a real-life art creation for printing in a short matter of time.

Working together in real-time eliminates back and forth emails and misunderstandings. “look over our live designer’s shoulder” by seeing his computer screen and give your insight via phone or computer mic collaborating smoothly and effectively.

Step One:

Click on the calendar below for dates and availability.

Book your desired service on the calendar below. Find designer time availability, and pay for the service online and you will get email notices and reminders.

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$75/hr – Custom Signs. Most often used be realtors and small business to get a personalized sign (18×24 or larger), riders or other signage work for their personalized branding. Print design like flyers and brochures can also be booked but might require multiple hours to complete.


$500/one time – Logo set – Work with our designers to make your logo from scratch. 30 min phone call and emails and proofs or “screen-shared” sessions as needed till you are satisfied.
December 2019
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Step Two:

If you would like to follow your call with realtime screen of your designer make sure you have the app set up. It is FREE for you to view.

Live Designer

GoToMeeting is our preferred method of video conference/screenshare workflow so if you do not have the app installed on your device you will want to do so on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

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Step Three:

If you have logos, photos or other media you would like the designer to use during the screencast make sure that it is FTP uploaded to our server under their name.



The advantage of using Live Designer is that we guarantee 24/hr turn around from the time you approve the artwork to it being printed (Monday-Thursday). This bumps you to the front of the press queue ONLY for jobs originated in this program. This does not account for shipping or delivery time. We will expedite that as best we can as well. Let us know if there is a rush on your orders.


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