Die-cut and Routing

Our MultiCam Digital Express Rigid Router & Cutter provides us with state of the art finishing abilities. From stickers and decals to giant life-size cut-outs we can provide you high-quality results. Some of our routed projects grace medical offices, sporting events, retail outlets, restaurants and custom promotional exhibits and more. This is Ideal for sign making, 3-D carving, packaging, fixtures and exhibits, arts and crafts projects.

We can work with paper, cardboard, foam, foam-core, fabric, rubber, plastic, corrugated plastic, acrylic, wood, acrylic, dibond, and many other lightweight materials up to 2″ thickness. This cutter is fast and accurate and can also be used for routing drag cutting,  kiss cut, creasing, perforating.

Small applications:

Die-cut labels, stickers, product boxes and product box fitted padding, window and vehicle decals and lettering.


Large router applications:

Life-size people, mascots, custom shaped yard signs, oversized products, 3D sign lettering, display cases and CNC objects.


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