How it works

You provide us with original artwork or have our professional designers do it for you (Including logo, fonts, pantone colors).

We will then convert variable fields (name, phone, office address etc) into online editable fields that can be filled out by employees or managers at their leisure. Your corporate sanctioned brand layout plus their personal info equals unique company product with zero time-consuming email proofing. Instant online approval and PDF download or email sample imaging allows the print project to get queued for press much faster and can reduce turnaround time by up to 80 percent.

Who is this for?
Customized online order portals are ideal for controlling and shaping the branding of medium and large businesses and organizations. If you want to reduce turnaround time for small collateral print projects this is a great solution.

  • Car/Auto Service Dealerships
  • Medical Networks
  • National Franchises
  • Realtors and Insurance Franchise Offices
  • Contractor Networks


  • Brand Control – you define how much or little is variable to users
  • 24/7 online access for users
  • Straight-to-workflow eliminates back and forth email proofing
  • Email invoices, stock notifications and online payment options

Why You Need a Portal

In the ever increasing need to remove redundancies, improve turn-around time and streamline workflow, partnering with Thompson Print Solutions for your online portal saves time and money.

We can provide case studies and testimonials to help decision makers improve their company’s print collateral workflow. We are a print provider and partner that understands your 21st century needs.

Delegating controlled tasks to end-users can reduce print turnaround time up to 80%.

Online Order Portals

Levels of Control

Large organizations might have a particular workflow or check and balance system. We can accommodate a number of levels of approval and double checks that suit your workflow requirements.

Customer (A Company User)
A “customer” is a role that is given to a standard user of a company that has an account with your business portal.

A customer can:

      Browse the company catalogue
      Customize products
      Add products to cart
      Place an order
      Browse old orders and reorder them
      Manage their own assets

A “dealer” is a second level Gatekeeper for your company. After the gatekeeper releases the order then it is up to the dealer to release the project when enabled in the company settings.

Gatekeeper (Can be any of the above)
The gatekeeper has one major task: to release orders to production or cancel them. For companies that do not allow users to place orders directly. A gatekeeper is required to release or cancel the order every time an order is placed. A gatekeeper cannot place orders unless he has been assigned the customer role as well.

Multi users using the same name. Generic users cannot browse old orders or change orders.

Group Gatekeeper (As opposed to Gatekeeper)
A Gatekeeper can approve all orders in a company while the Group Gatekeeper can approve orders placed by members of groups of which he or she is a member.

Group Manager (As opposed to just Manager)
A Manager can add and edit all company users while the Group Manager can add and edit users that are members of groups that he or she is a member of. A Manager also has access to company address and assets.

The Guest Role allow users to log-in to a site as guests. Once logged-in they can add products to their cart but need to log-in with at least a Customer Role to actually place orders.

A Manager performs the same tasks as a customer and can also:

      a. Manage Users of his/her company (Add/Edit/Deactivate)
      b. Manage Company Assets in addition to his/her own assets

Try a Real demo site and see how to customize products.

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