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As a business owner, marketing professional or sales professional, you are constantly thinking about how to stand out from the competition and win customers’ loyalty. The most important step is brand reorganization and all your marketing efforts support your brand awareness for maximum impact. There is always another company or someone else who provides the same service as you do. The question is what separates you from the herd?

Product boxes or gift boxes are great marketing tools for distinguishing your business from others. Presenting your goods or promotional items in a unique and creative box that shows innovation will have a lasting impression on your customers. People will remember a product that wow’s them and grabs their attention for more than a few seconds. There are so many different styles and designs you can choose from that will fit your brand and the product or service you are trying to sell.

One example of a product or gift box is a custom die-cut box. Die-cut boxes are used for retail packaging cut and printed in desired design, shapes, sizes, colors and finishes that will compliment your product and your brand. Die-cut boxes provide credibility, recognition and unlimited publicity to your brand. You can personalize your product box in any style and graphics that will show who you are.

Looking to add a 3D raised effect to your die-cut product/gift box for a more dramatic look? At Thompson Print & Mailing Solutions, we have spot UV coating and foil varnishing capabilities that will add an etched and raised text and graphics effect. Let us help you create a quality and memorable product to use to promote and/or present your goods.

There are many marketing tools out there that will work for your business or your product you can use for more customers to notice you. You have to find your niche and expand on that for a better result. One way is to personalize your outreach efforts. Present your product in a way that makes a lasting impression on your current and potential customers.

If you are looking for a unique way to display your products or present your products to your customers as a gift, Thompson Print & Mailing Solutions can create a gift box for you that are customizable to your desire. You provide us the item, we will design a custom gift box that complements the product and that you can be proud of displaying your products. Contact us to find out how Thompson Print & Mailing Solutions can help you.

Learn more this and other topics on our Thompson Print & Mailing Solutions sales team.

3D raised UV spot and foil embossed die-cut product/gift box

3D raised UV spot and foil embossed die-cut product/gift box

3D raised UV spot and foil embossed die-cut product/gift box

3D raised UV spot and foil embossed die-cut product/gift box


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