Real Estate Signs

Thompson Print Solutions can fulfill all you real estate signs from one-off main panels to large regional franchise and associate groups orders of real estate signs and accessories.

Our new large format facility enables us to have some of the highest quality signage in San Antonio and South Texas to serve you better and produce state of the art products at competitive prices.

We use high-grade products and inks to guarantee long-lasting and durable signs that will last years of use in all weather conditions.

Main Panels

Real Estate Signs

We use printable poly, e-panel, coroplast and other products on request. Routing an arch or unique top shapes is also possible depending on your frame.


Real Estate Signs

Riders can be printed on e-panel or coroplast and accompany your main panel. We will work with you to get clear, dynamic type and content on your riders. Stock text or custom text and colors.

Yard Signs

Real Estate Signs

Low cost products that can be very effective for open house events or other short-term sign uses. Our CNC router lets us cut custom shapes to make your signs even more unique .


Real Estate Signs

We source high quality flags and hardware. Many stock text options to choose from like “Open House”, “For Rent” etc. Unique or personal branded flags can also be ordered.


Real Estate Signs

We can print standard sizes and roll to roll on durable vinyl or cloth for large banners and flags. Seams, grommets and mounting hardware can be added per your requirements.

Ranch Signs

Real Estate Signs

Ranch or large outdoor signs are 4′ x 8′ and up. Multi-panel on poly, e-panel, or coroplast to fit your project’s needs. Also available double-sided and with reflective elements.

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We would love to hear from you and tailor pricing and delivery dates to your needs and specifications. No two realtor’s needs are alike so we want to give you a personalized quote for our services. Ask us about bundle pricing and discounts for franchise offices, groups and teams.

Yes, We Design Signs and Flags!

Our designers have considerable experience designing realty signs. We know each franchise’s rules, colors and preferred uses and we also know realtors need to be unique and stand out from the pack. We will find the perfect balance for your sign needs.

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